2018 Bookish Resolutions!

In some parts of the world it’s already 2018, but I have about 4.5 hours left until the date changes, so let’s go! Here are ten bookish resolutions I have, in no particular order:

i. I hope to read 70 books this year as a baseline, but I really would like to breach that. This year, I did fairly disastrously with my challenge and ended up reading picture books to push it up. I’m hoping that come December 2018 it’ll be smooth sailing. I also think part of this came from me not reading when I had the chance and occupying my time playing Color Switch (which I have a bit of an obsession with) or messing around on the internet…

ii. That brings me to my resolution of actually reading in my spare time. More often then not, I jump to my phone when I’m not sure what to do. Instead, I wish I could get back into carrying a book wherever I go and picking that up instead. If I read books like I watched Instagram stories, I’d finish them so much quicker.

iii. I also would love to read more diversely this year. I often find that the books with characters from a wider variety of backgrounds feel more realistic (despite common argument that this is unrealistic…to which I say how?). In 2018, I think I’ll be looking to #OwnVoices books and novels that may be less-hyped, but more deserving of hype. I definitely want to read books with a more positive portrayal of romance too. I realized what I’ve been missing out on when I picked up The Wrath and the Dawn, which is ten million times better than, for example, A Court of Thorns and Roses. Let’s put an end to hyper-masculinity, am I right?

iv. I wish to read more historical fiction, too. As I’m falling more in love with history, I’m finding myself drawn more and more to this genre in a way I never was before. I love history and I love books, why not bring them together? Some of my absolute favorite books are rooted in history (And I Darken, for example). I’m hoping this will be the year I finally read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, a book my mom has been wanting me to read for ages. It explores the life of a Japanese-American after WWII.

v. I want to reread The Raven King to finish my TRC reread and also finish my complete reread of Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. I don’t want my entire year to be based in rereads, but I would love to revisit some of the books that made me fall in love with reading.

vi. I hope to read the books I already own, which shouldn’t be extremely difficult because I have more self-control (or should I say shelf-control?) than a lot of bookstagrammers. However, I have been neglecting some books that I’ve had for ages…

vii. I also would love to purchase less books and utilize my public library and my school’s library more. If I “know” I’ll love a book, I’ll probably purchase it, but for the cheesy contemporaries I’m not sure about, I’ll hit up the library instead of my wallet.

viii. I think this should also be the year I put even more effort into my bookstagram pictures. In 2017, I definitely did try with my photos, but I also fell into huge slumps where I had no desire to post or even scroll through my feed. Hopefully, I can avoid these slumps and worry less about follower count and likes and more about sharing my love of books with people! That’s really what bookstagram is all about and I feel like I’ve lost that over time. The algorithm has really hurt my account, but I’m aiming to not let that dampen my spirits. As well, I’m hoping I can find my own photo style that is more clearly defined from what other people post.

ix. I also wish to reattempt Jane Eyre this year, along with some other classics that I’ve tried and failed to read. I don’t get very well along with classics, but I loved the feminist nature of Jane Eyre when I started it, so hopefully I can use that as motivation to continue it. We’ll have to see about Pride & Prejudice though.

x. Lastly, I hope to read books want to read, instead of what’s hyped by movies or top bookstagrammers. I want to go back to the times when I walked into Barnes & Noble and picked a book on my own, without influence from social media. As much as I love getting book recommendations on a day to day basis, I don’t always want to read the books everyone else reads.

I hope you all have had a wonderful 2017 and even if it wasn’t wonderful (because let’s be honest, it wasn’t), I hope 2018 will be even better!

-Book Hugger

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