All for the Game Trilogy Review

Why hello! I could do this in individual reviews, but I think this is more concise.

The Foxhole Court:

I gave this one four stars, mostly because I felt like it was missing something. I loved the introduction to the characters and the fictional sport Exy. I read this within a few days and fell in love with it. The writing isn’t fantastic and is heavy on the description, which is, most of the time, unnecessary. However, I loved it nonetheless and especially enjoyed seeing the character’s backgrounds unfold on page. This book is the least dark of the entire series (which is saying something), but I could see where it was headed.

Also can I just give Neil a hug?

Warning: Do not give Neil a hug.

The Raven King:

I gave this one five stars because it really upped its game (pun intended). The writing is still rather eh, but the plot thickened and the characters became deeper. I think one of my favorite parts is how none of the characters feel flat, even though there’s so many of them. They all have deep backgrounds and deep stories. It’s not just Neil’s story, but all of their stories. That’s probably why it was so hard to let go of the trilogy when I finished it.

Ohh boy though. This book got insanely good, but insanely hard to read at times. These characters have been through A LOT and it really doesn’t sugarcoat it.

I left this one wanting to hug Andrew, which is also a terrible idea unless you want to get stabbed. Though, I wanted to hug Renee and I think she’d let me.

The King’s Men:

Also five stars.

I fell apart when I finished this. I read these three books over the course of two weeks, maybe three, and I loved every second of it. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of The King’s Men. NEIL DIDN’T DESERVE ANY OF THAT. ANY OF IT. Argh, it was so sad. But it also had some amazing quotes. I think the part that broke me the most was when Neil asked Andrew why he hated the word please. No spoilers, but his response is devastating.

To conclude? I highly recommend this series, but it’s probably not for everyone.

-Book Hugger

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