An Explanation of Sorts

Hi, hello, it’s been a hot second since I actually touched this blog in a meaningful way. I wish I had a solid explanation, but really, blogging has just been hard for me lately.

In an attempt to justify an absence from reviewing, I will say these things:

  • I took an off-roll (no course) last semester which gave me more free time. I am without this right now, meaning that on top of my three AP courses, I am taking another course. This one happens to be human biology, which somehow, has more homework than my three APs combined do. This makes it impossible sometimes for me to do anything aside from eat, sleep, and breathe schoolwork.
  • When I do have spare time, I’ve been spending it on reading, surfing through Goodreads (now an unfortunate habit), or watching Instagram stories because I feel less guilty doing that than I do looking at every single post on my feed.
  • I am undergoing the college decision process and in March, I will hear from the rest of the colleges I applied to, including both of my top schools. This has made me kind of antsy, and has especially amplified my stress for getting good grades. If I slip up, I worry that any offers of admission will be rescinded (at least this should be a good defender against senioritis?)
  • I am aggressively burnt out right now. Every day I spend at school is exhausting and all I want is for college to be here already. Four years is a long time to be in high school, surrounded by people who don’t share the same values (if I have to hear my peers compare their two hours of sleep to each other again, I will flip every table in my classrooms), and suffering under the same uncaring system. I’m ready to be out of there.

I know that blogging is something I love doing, so I am going to find a way to squeeze it into my schedule without feeling like I am wasting valuable time. I am going to try uploading a review, tag, wrap-up, what have you twice a week, now, which may be difficult considering I can barely get two posts in perĀ month, but is a feat I want to try. Perhaps, having a schedule, and treating blogging like a pertinent to-do list task will make it more of a responsibility, something I can’t shirk off to the next week and the next week and the next week until a month has gone by without me realizing it.


One update will be over the weekend, not sure when yet, but potentially Saturdays. Another will be Tuesdays, maybe. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days of the week for me to get anything done because I have no extracurriculars those days aside from homework and studying.

Can I do this? Only time will tell.

But rest assured, you will see at least one blog post this week, hopefully on Tuesday and Saturday.

Thank you for bearing with me. The endless spam comments get overwhelming, the lack of posting gets stressful, the reviews pile up, but I know that someone is out there reading my reviews and that makes it all worthwhile.

-Book Hugger

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