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Positive Recommendations!

I asked my Bookstagram followers to send me either a trope/genre they like for me to recommend them something or their own recommendations! Ultimately, the goal of this is to give some recommendations of cheery, positive books to read during this stressful time! Of course, some of these recs may not be 100% cheery, but […]

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Brief Reviews of my Recent Reads

Hey! It’s been a hot second, but I’ve been adjusting to academia again. In the last few weeks, I’ve read a ton of books and instead of bombarding you with a million reviews, I thought I’d do a few quick reviews to get some content out there and catch myself up. The Poet X by Elizabeth […]

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This Decade in Books

This post is inspired by @booknerdnative on Instagram. As she puts it, “These are not the best books of the decade. Not the most well written or the most profound or the most extraordinary. These are the books that shaped who I was and who I’ve become over the last 10 years.” I was eight […]

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An Explanation of Sorts

Hi, hello, it’s been a hot second since I actually touched this blog in a meaningful way. I wish I had a solid explanation, but really, blogging has just been hard for me lately. In an attempt to justify an absence from reviewing, I will say these things: I took an off-roll (no course) last […]

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