December/2017 Wrap-Up (AKA when I’m too lazy to make two posts)

I actually managed to make it to my goal of 80 books this year, but in a less conventional way than I would have liked. This means that I read eight picture books, which I’m not overly proud about, especially considering they were all ones I could have or had read when I was about five. However, I’m a prideful person and needed to make it to 80 to keep my ego at its normal, “healthy” level.

I will not be discussing those eight picture books, but feel free to check my Goodreads if you’re that interested in knowing which they were. The other substantial books I read were rather pleasing. This was one of my better reading months, surprisingly.

I started off with Let it Snow, which I hated, but it was the only one of two that I really, truly disliked. There was just a lot wrong with this one, especially in regards to sexism and cliches. Ten out of ten, would not read again. Or recommend.

Then I read Paper & Fire, which I very much enjoyed and gave four stars. I followed that with Replica, my only five star read of the month and definitely a new favorite! Afterward came Stitching Snow, which was painful and the other book I decidedly hated. There really wasn’t much to it and the romance was eh. I would also not recommend this one, especially when Cinder is out there and is a much better alternative.

I followed that with My Lady Jane and Wild Beauty, both four star reads and very different from each other. However, I enjoyed them both immensely. I wish I could rate Wild Beauty higher, for I definitely enjoyed it, but there were some confusing parts and not enough direction for me to feel good about rating it that way.

And lastly, on New Years’ Eve, I topped my challenge off with two books from the Hogwart’s Library Collection (Tales of Beedle the Bard and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and Orphan Train. The Hogwart’s Library novels I had actually read before and chose to read them to end my challenge because of how short and quick they are. Orphan Train, on the other hand, was a full-length novel (though on the shorter side still) and not quick. However, it was very good, and wonderful insight into a part of America’s past often overlooked. I gave it four stars.

Personally, I think when the majority of my reads ended up being four stars, that’s success.

Onto my favorites of 2017 as a whole!

My number one favorite was Lord of Shadows, which broke me immensely. However, Cassandra Clare gifted us with an earlier release for Queen of Air and Darkness, which is this year!! And by “this year”, I mean 2018, which feels really weird to say now.

Other favorites of mine were The Wrath & the DawnAnd I DarkenNow I RiseTurtles All the Way DownA Darker Shade of MagicAn Ember in the AshesA Torch Against the NightInk & Bone, and, lastly, Gemina.

Clearly, fantasy is my favorite genre here, but I have one contemporary up there, so go me. This year, I read some of the most amazing books I have gotten my hands on. It took part of the way through this year, but I’ve realized that I much prefer reading about lovely equal relationships like in The Wrath & the Dawn than the possessive ugly ones in any Sarah J. Maas book. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t love her books, but they’re no longer for me. I don’t even know if I’ll ever read Tower of Dawn. I don’t want to waste my time with books I probably won’t enjoy.

I highly recommend any of the books I listed as favorites. They were all five star reads and warmed up a part of my soul. I hope your 2017 was full of amazing books as well.

-Book Hugger


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