June Wrap-Up 2018

Sorry this is so late! I was on vacation at the beginning of July and I’ve finally gotten my act together long enough to post!

June was…not the best reading month for me. I expected it to be better because school got out, but I think my newfound freedom had me a little distracted from literature. Although, I’ve read a lot since July started, so I’m not too concerned!

In June, I successfully finished A Catcher in the Rye for school (but read most of it in May) and Heart of Iron, and read fully, Far from the Tree (review here), A Reaper at the Gates (review to come), Every Day (Goodreads only review here), and The Girl from Everywhere (review to come). Of these books, Far from the Tree was my favorite, but A Reaper at the Gates and The Girl from Everywhere both earned four stars. To be fair, if I had read A Torch Against the Night somewhat recently ARATG might have gotten a higher rating, but I had forgotten so much which made it a little tedious (though…I also don’t think chapters upon chapters of Elias pitying himself and walking through a forest could be any less tedious). I’ll reviews completed hopefully soon! I’m so behind…

Anyway, all in all, June was a successful month in other terms. I finished my junior year of high school with all A’s and headed off to Hawaii for a wonderful vacation! I’m still acclimating to being a senior and starting college apps, but oh well, that’ll be fun at some point (will it?).

I hope everyone had a great June!

-Book Hugger

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