March TBR 2019

Whew! March has already started!!! Wow!!!

Okay, but anyway, TBR time!!!

Books for School:

This month I’ll be reading Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead (already read actually, looks to be about 3 stars), Waiting for Godot, Othello, and The Prince of Tides. I already have very mixed feelings about Prince of Tides that I will spill the tea on later, when I finish it…

Books my mom gave me:

I intend to read Water for Elephants and The Goldfinch this month (hopefully?), both gifted by my mom for our 12 Books of Christmas ordeal!

Book Club Read:

My book club’s current read is Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Gaudin, which I’m reading at the same pace as my club, and uh…it’s not very good! I’ll also spill the tea on that at a later date.

For fun:

I already read Girls Made of Snow and Glass, which I borrowed from a friend, and intend to read The Diviners (a current read), Ace of ShadesUprootedAn Enchantment of Ravens, and A Map of DaysA Map of Days unfortunately requires some skim-rereading of the initial Miss Peregrines trilogy.


During finals week at the end of the month, I hope to read HP & the Goblet of Fire as a pallet cleanser from all the AP Gov, AP Stats, and Human Bio work I’ll be reviewing!

And that’s a wrap! See you next month on “Book Hugger didn’t finish half of the books she planned to finish.” Bye now!

-Book Hugger

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