March TBR

This month I have about the same amount of books I want to read as February, but there’s a catch–I don’t have a week long break, have a million due dates, and the last week I have finals! Yay, fun times. I honestly doubt I’ll succeed this month, but you never know!

This month I will finish East of Eden for school and read The Great Gatsby. I’m looking forward to being done with East of Eden, despite enjoying it, and can’t wait to start The Great Gatsby! 

Aside from that, I hope to read The Foxhole Court (currently reading), The ArchivedThe Hazel WoodUprootedThe Hamilton Affair (will this be the month I finally read it?)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (reread!), A Gathering of Shadows, and The Cruel Prince. I finally purchased A Gathering of Shadows and am so psyched to read it. Unfortunately, my memory might fail me when I start it, so I hope I can find a decent summary online…I think that’s also the book I’m looking most forward too.

I plan to read The Archived next and I’m loving the idea of having two books by Victoria Schwab this month! She’s such an amazing writer and I can’t imagine I’ll dislike The Archived. 

I hope you all have an amazing March to come! Let me know your TBRs in the comments! And just a reminder that I have to approve comments, so if you don’t see it, never fret!

-Book Hugger

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