The Angel Experiment Review

The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Rating: *** Suggested Age: 11

Summary: “From the bestselling author James Patterson comes the stunning, breathtaking start to the blockbuster series! Six unforgettable kids — with no families, no homes — are running for their lives. Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly. And that’s just the beginning of their amazing powers. But they don’t know where they come from, who’s hunting them, why they are different from all other humans… and if they’re meant to save mankind — or destroy it.” (Summary found on Goodreads).

This is the first book in the Maximum Ride series. After hearing so many people say they loved this book by James Patterson I thought I would love it too. They were wrong. I was not hooked, the styled of writing was choppy, and the characters weren’t believable. One of the characters was six, but I kept thinking she was older by the way she talked and acted. Parts of the story were unexplained and I am the type of person who need explanations right away. The violence was understandable, but the death of a “bad” character was not (you would understand what I mean if you read it). I know that my opinions conflict with those of my peers. Once you read Harry Potter and Divergent everything else is inferior. The book wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t stunning or anything to brag about. I hope that I can read the next book and like it better.

-Book Hugger

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