November TBR

I only read three books in October (or sort of November in the case of Warcross), but I’m still aiming high for this month…even though it’s also Nanowrimo. I think the positive is that I have a one week break from school.

Anyway, I really need to read a lot because I want to make my Goodreads challenge by the end of the year. I don’t know if it’s actually possible, but we’ll see.

I’m currently reading both Turtles all the Way Down and All the Crooked Saints, and hopefully I can finish them both by next weekend. I know with Maggie Stiefvater’s books they’re usually slower paced and more atmospheric, so I don’t know if I can finish it next weekend. I’d like to take my time to devour this one. However, TATWD is contemporary and a John Green book, so I’m counting on finishing it really quickly.

After those, I’d like to read Wonder Woman: Warbringer, which given my experience with Leigh Bardugo, may take me some time, too. Hopefully, I can carve out some time to read and finish this one within a week.

Next, I want to read Now I Rise so I can be caught up on Kiersten White’s And I Darken series and find out what the heck is happening way back when. I loved And I Darken, so I’m anticipating loving this one as well. It may take a while; that book is a moose. Hopefully this can be a Thanksgiving break read.

I would also like to read Paper and Fire and Replica, both books that have been on my shelves way too long. I read Ink and Bone at the beginning of the year and loved it so much, so Paper and Fire is sure to be just as good. If you’re looking for a unique, historical, and diverse read, I highly suggest picking this series up. It’s an alternate history where the Great Library of Alexandria was not destroyed. It also has a ton to do with books, so what’s not to love. As for Replica, it’s a signed copy I picked up last year at Target and I’d rather not leave it for another year. Besides, the sequel is out already (correct me if I’m wrong). This is getting embarrassing.

Next on my list is The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, which my mom really liked and wants me to read as well. It’s fairly short, so hopefully this can be a quick read. It’s adult historical fiction, which I have a love-hate relationship with because the adult part of it usually makes it boring. YA does a much better job with historical fiction, in my opinion. Hopefully I’ll stand corrected!

I hope to read two newer books I’ve picked up, My Lady Jane and Wild BeautyMy Lady Jane is a historical retelling of Lady Jane, who I believe was beheaded at the Tower of London. I’m so beyond excited for this one because I’ve heard it’s amazing (and also hilarious). As for Wild Beauty, I got this one in the October Owlcrate and am so excited to read this diverse magic realism novel. It’s my first from Anna M. McLemore and I’m super excited. Hopefully it’ll reach my expectations.

And then I finally wish to read Autonomous by Annalen Newitz. This is a signed ARC my friend gave me for my birthday that she got at ComicCon and I’m somewhat embarassed I haven’t read it yet because it already came out. I thought it came out later, but apparently it was released in September. But I’m anticipating this one to be really interesting!

Wish me luck, guys. I hope I can do this, but I’m not counting on positive results.

-Book Hugger

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