October Wrap-Up 2018

Hi, yes, I did not wrap-up September. I really don’t have much of an excuse, just that I’ve been kind of busy, but not too busy that I could let the blog fall onto the back burner. I’m hoping to catch up on reviews this month, especially since I have a week off of school! (Also, hey, that means I can get a lot of reading done too!)

Anyway, I read a lot this month. I started off with We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson. No, I haven’t reviewed it yet, but I’ll hopefully have something at least up on Goodreads. In a nutshell, I did really enjoy this book, but felt somewhat out of touch with the science fiction aspects, and it was also waaaay too heavy for the mood I was in. This book comes with so many trigger warnings (but especially self-harm and suicide) and I probably should have checked those out before thinking it’d be a happy book. I ended up giving it four stars, which is mostly representative of how emotionally draining it was, and not actual content (though that was a factor).

I read five short stories, which are all available free on the Internet. I won’t go into them here, but they’re easy to find on my Goodreads (linked on the right sidebar). The best was a prequel to the Villains series by VE Schwab.

I read Vengeful by VE Schwab, which was so much better than I anticipated (and actually lighter in trigger warnings, in my opinion!). I loved Vicious, but Vengeful just took it to another level. It was easily my favorite of the month. I’ll have a full non-spoiler and spoiler review available hopefully soon, but we’ll see.

I also sped through Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, which made me cry, and Everything Leads to You early in the month. Then I quickly read Jenny of the Tetons, which I’ve owned since I was about ten and just never got to reading.

In one day, I finished (but didn’t start, don’t worry) The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (a very solid one star) and completely read Last Seen Leaving. LSL was obviously the superior read here, but to be fair, after TBS, anything would be. The Bone Season is one of the worst books I’ve read not only in 2018, but in my entire lifetime. Many people have asked why I continued reading it if I hated it, but honestly, it was the level of awful that made it somewhat enjoyable to intake. I only DNF boring, awful books, not ones that are actually hilarious in their awfulness. My full review is here.

Last Seen Leaving on the other hand was an enjoyable murder/missing person story! It filled the void that TBS had left.

More recently, I read Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, Behind her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, and What if It’s Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli. Linger was a three star read, as expected, not out of a lack of enjoyment, but more a lack of substance. The Raven Cycle is far superior. Behind her Eyes ended up being four stars, and the ending truly deserves the hashtag WTFthatending. It’s insane. What if It’s Us was also four stars; while not the perfect romance, it was cute and hit the spot!

Lastly, I finished To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf for AP English Literature and wrote an 11 page log on it, so go me.

I really read a lot this month. I’m proud of me. And it was even finals week somewhere in there (but let’s be real here, for some reason I always read more during finals week).

Anyway, I’m hoping November is as good to me as October was! I have my college apps mostly in right now, so I should slide through November easily. I hope your November was wonderful as well. Feel free to comment what you read, any favorites you had, and more! I’d love to hear from you. (Just remember, any comments need to be verified by me before they show up since I get so much spam, it’s intolerable).

-Book Hugger

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