The Giver Review

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Rating: ***** Suggested Age: 10

Summary: “Lois Lowry’s 1994 Newbery Medal–winning tale has become one of the most influential novels of our time. The haunting story centers on Jonas who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community. Lois Lowry has written three companion novels to The Giver, including Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son.” (Summary found on Goodreads).

The Giver by Lois Lowry is a wonderful start to her quartet. Lowry created a dystopian world unlike anything I have ever heard of (before I read this of course). Her world is so detailed and seems so real. Lowry’s main character is easy to root for. The plot line is great, with twists and turns along the way. There is a little bit of violence. Nothing is very graphic, though. There is the mildest of adult content that would be over the head of young readers. All the people who read this book told me nothing but good things. I was curious so I decided to read it. It was marvelous. Even though it is a fast and simple read, it would be too mature for young readers. All I can say is give this book a try. You won’t be sorry.

-Book Hugger

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