Updates!!! Including a few mini reviews

Hey, everybody! It’s been a long time, but I’m hoping now that it’s basically summer (I graduate Thursday), I can get back into reviewing…however, since I’m so behind, I figured I’d make this post of mini reviews and updates and then start fresh.

Recently, I read Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody. I genuinely enjoyed reading it, but the writing style was simplistic and cheesy. Some of the dialogue I just couldn’t get past. However, I appreciated that it was very different from what I usually read. The world-building could have been better, but I loved how interesting and fleshed-out the Sin City was (obviously based on Las Vegas). I just wish the world around it was as fleshed-out. That’s what King of Fools is for, I suppose!

I read On the Come Up by Angie Thomas and absolutely loved it. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as The Hate U Give because the first 100 or so pages weren’t terribly enticing. However, I ended up enjoying it possibly more than The Hate U Give. The romance was absolutely adorable, the rapping plot was fascinating, and I loved the focus on getting into the music industry, poverty, et cetera. It touches upon some really important issues that I’d never read about before in literature and I really appreciated that.

I reread Radio Silence to write an essay for school and honestly? it was the best decision I’ve made in years. While reading Radio Silence makes me crazy emotional, it also makes me feel so happy and it’s just an all-around positive experience. I recommend Radio Silence to make your mental health better 🙂

Also my essay? Best essay I’ve ever written hands-down. I wrote about how Aled deserves the world for a whole page.

I also read The Goldfinch recently and honestly loved it. It took me 26 days to read, but I don’t regret how long it took. It’s such a dense and heavy book, so if I read it any faster, I don’t think the experience would have been so positive. But wow, it’s an extraordinary novel. It’s not very uplifting in any way, so I don’t recommend reading it if you’re in a bad place (or if you have a problem with drugs in literature), but if you’re in a good place, it’s a wonderful novel. Highly, highly recommend. Maybe someday I’ll write a full review, but right now I’m content just saying how amazing it is and wonderful and just…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Also, I’m SO hyped for the movie. Crazy hyped.

Before that, I read both The Diviners and Lair of Dreams. Both are GREAT books, but I preferred Lair of Dreams. I’m even more excited to read Before the Devil Breaks You, but I’m waiting a bit since they take me so long to read (they’re just so long). They’re not as spooky as I expected, but I don’t even really read them for the spooks. Both are fascinating depictions of the 20s, especially the cultural diversity as well as the political conflicts of the time. Lair of Dreams even touches upon the horrors of eugenics, which is something I’m really passionate about.

I ALSO read Red Scrolls of Magic, which was just the bit of happiness I needed. It was everything I wanted, even if it wasn’t perfect. The stakes weren’t that high since I know both Magnus and Alec survived, but it was still really fun and enjoyable!!! Also all the missing moments just made my heart sing <3

I read Wolf by Wolf for book club and uh…I hated it. I expected to really enjoy it because it’s a historical retelling, but it was so disappointing. Also I don’t love genre blending and it covered sci-fi, too. I found for a historical fiction book, it didn’t go enough into the war and what happened (the alternative ending to the war wasn’t actually brought up, just the results, and that’s so lazy). I thought the characters were really flat and predictable, too. The ending was kind of interesting, enough that I’m interested in reading the next book, but not enough to get me to pick it up right this moment.

And lastly, for the important ones (I skipped a lot of the ones that I wouldn’t have written full reviews for anyway), I read Girls Made of Snow and Glass. It wasn’t fantastic, but it kept me on the edge of the seat and the plot was really interesting! Overall, it was a really solid read and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t remarkable.

Anyway, everything’s been so crazy this year what with AP testing, college apps, college acceptances (and rejections), and all that, but things are falling into place now. I’m out of classes and I graduate on Thursday. Feels good. So, I’m back, in a sense! And currently reading The Falconer, so look out for a full review on that one 🙂

-Book Hugger

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